Celebrating Fifty Years

Chigwell Riding Trust was the first riding centre for people with special needs in the world and has been established in Chigwell for fifty years. Riding instruction is given to people of all ages and abilities. The riding centre has approximately 160 riders each week.

As one of the leading specialised riding centres in the country Chigwell Riding Trust not only benefits people with special needs but also the entire community, giving opportunities for volunteering, school participation and practical experience for children and adults working with people and animals.

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Larkin riding Murphy with Chrissie helping. (photo-Ilford Recorder)

Sainsburys of Loughton

An amazing achievement by Sainsburys of Loughton. A cheque for £10,000 was handed over To Deborah and the children from Lambourne Primary School.

Our sincere thanks for this and their continuing support throughout our year as Sainsburys Local Charity.


A lovely article in the Ilford Recorder

Not the one about Rachel looking for love but the one about the Riding Centre's success. Download it just here (1.7MBpdf)

High Five from larkin

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Open Day video

A 30 minute video of odds and ends from the last 50+ years was played all day on Open Day. Here it is on Vimeo